Online Services

Online Services

Yes, online sessions are available for children and adults! Our experience shows (and research also indicates) that telehealth, or online therapy, can be an effective method of service. Now we don’t think this will take the place of therapy in the clinic, but we are finding many benefits! Including being able to provide OT services for people in rural areas, and helping you make the most of what you have available at home!

Pediatric OT Treatment Sessions

Online therapy sessions are a great way to translate play-based therapy into the home. We will work with parents and kids to create meaningful, connected, and therapeutic play, using the material and space that you have available every day! Your therapist will spend some time observing you and your child playing, and may make suggestions for adapting the type of play, adding complexity, or engaging with your child based on their individual sensory needs.

What to expect. Treatment sessions may include the following:
– Checking in with your child’s therapist to outline the session
– Scanning of space and available equipment
– Observing play (you and your child playing together)
– Coaching or suggestions from the therapist to support your child’s sensory or regulation needs
– Engaging in therapeutic play led by your child, and gently guided by the therapist
– Problem-solving strategies or supports with you and your child
*For older children, parents may not need to be available for the entire session

Adult OT Treatment

What to expect: Treatment sessions may include the following:
– Review of home program and session goals
– Problem-solving with your therapist to create strategies, schedules, or plans
– Sensory-based activities – e.g. yoga, balance exercises, body-weight exercises – e.g. push-ups
– Activities to support self-regulation – e.g. mindfulness or breathing exercises
– Body- or emotion-based awareness activities – e.g. sensory-awareness
– Right-brain activities to promote autonomic nervous system functioning – e.g.

Pediatric Online Assessments

You and your child’s therapist will work together to set-up simple standardized assessment items and non-standardized clinical observations. Prior to the evaluation appointment you will receive an email with detailed instructions regarding equipment and set-up. You will be able to email your therapist if you have questions in advance of the appointment.

What to expect:
– Your therapist will review consent information and ask for your verbal consent to participate in the online session
– Your therapist will talk you through simple set-up procedures and instructions
– Your therapist will lead all test items to ensure that the assessment items are completed, they may ask for you to assist your child with certain items, but please only do so when asked.
– Following the assessment you and your therapist will meet to discuss evaluation findings and come up with a treatment plan in an adult-only parent meeting. This meeting will happen approximately 1 week after the assessment and our office will contact you for scheduling shortly following the assessment appointment.

The following is a list of equipment that we may ask you to have available for the assessment:
– Tennis ball (or equivalent)
– Large spoon
– Masking or painter’s tape
– Measuring tape
– Felt tip pen/thin marker/colored pencil
– Printer (if you do not have access to a printer please let us know well in advance and we will mail necessary paperwork)
– Scanner or smart phone (to scan and return paperwork)

Adult Online Assessment

The assessment process is individualized, based on your unique needs. You will be asked to complete and return some self-assessment questionnaires prior to your evaluation appointment. The appointment may include any of the following:
– Review of questionnaire results
– An in-depth interview to gather information about your daily routines, preferences, strengths, challenges and sensory differences
– Non-standardized clinical observations to further assess your sensory processing abilities

Following the assessment, you and your therapist will meet to discuss evaluation findings and come up with a treatment plan. This meeting will happen approximately 1 week after the assessment. Our office will contact you via email for scheduling shortly following your assessment appointment.

Online Coverage

Insurance coverage for online services will vary depending on your individual insurance plan. Please contact an insurance representative to check your coverage and eligibility for online services. All benefit information provided by Sensory KIDS is only an estimate and is not a guarantee of payment. All services are subject to the terms and agreement of your plan, at the time services are rendered.

Please see “Our Policies” page for further information regarding accepted insurance and cost details.