Intensive Treatments

Intensive OT Treatments

At Sensory Kids, our treatment model is based on the latest research by Dr. Lucy J. Miller and Dr. Sarah Schoen at the Star Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder in Denver, Colorado.  Sensory KIDS is closely affiliated with the STAR Center, and we collaborate regularly with the STAR team. We believe strongly in the benefits of Dr. Miller’s intensive treatment approach, which includes the following:

  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Adult-only feedback meeting to review evaluation findings and set goals
  • OT sessions 3 to 5 times a week for approximately 30 sessions
  • Adult-only parent meetings to review progress and discuss home programs

Counseling and speech-language therapy are also available and may be included in a 30 session intensive program. Our years of clinical experience, as well as recent research, show that frequent repetition is needed to make solid changes in behaviors, self-regulation, and daily routines. In most instances, children show faster & more long-lasting improvements in short-term therapy administered more frequently, rather than once a week for years.

Clients participate in approximately 30 sessions of intensive therapy, 3-5 sessions per week. After completing the intensive program clients may return for booster sessions at subsequent developmental stages, or to reinforce and enhance the changes achieved during the initial intensive program. Intensive programs include a comprehensive OT evaluation, approximately 30 OT sessions (with listening therapy when appropriate), and parent education sessions. We will perform auditory processing evaluations when indicated.Comprehensive evaluations at Sensory KIDS include parent report measures; however, unlike many assessments, are based on clinical observations and standardized measures of sensory processing, motor, and social-emotional skills. Parents will receive a detailed report outlining initial evaluation findings, and will have the opportunity to meet with the therapist to review findings and set functional goals for their children.

Our out-of-town clients are generally seen 5 days per week to maximize benefits of therapy and decrease the duration of stay. Our Family Support Coordinators can assist with housing and payment arrangements.