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Online Learning Connections Webinar Series!

When: TBD

Where: online via Zoom video conferencing

Cost: TBD

*Registration fees and be broken into weekly or monthly payments to better accommodate families at this time.

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Online registration will be available soon. We anticipate that this small-group opportunity will fill up fast, so if you are interested please let us know as soon as possible! Call to register: 503-575-9402

We are excited to begin this webinar series! We designed these workshops based on years of feedback from our caregiver support group, Sensory Seminar lecture series, and our own mixed-methods research. Our goal is to provide a space for gathering knowledge and connecting with others for mutual support and learning in a small group setting.

The series will begin with an informative session led by one of our occupational therapists. During this session the therapist will share information (handouts provided) on a specific topic and answer questions in a small group setting. The next session will be a discussion led by our experienced group facilitator, and parent of a sensory kid! Each week will build on the next, with specific topics presented by our therapist in the informative sessions, and family support sessions to allow time for sharing and connecting with other parents to dive deeper into each topic.

Topics for this series will include:

  • Sensory systems & arousal regulation
    • Learn how:
      • sensory differences (your child’s and your own!) impact the ability to self-regulate
      • to understand your child’s responses to sensory input
      • to use sensory strengths to support your child’s regulation
    • Nervous system function & relationship – Why we play
      • Learn about:
        • nervous system differences with sensory processing challenges
        • how relationships support developing nervous systems
        • the essential role of play in developing self-regulation and social skills
      • Relationship-based strategies – Learn strategies to support engagement and relationships and ultimately
        • Learn:
          • specific strategies to teach self-regulation
          • to build resilience through play
          • how to respond during meltdowns
Please see the flyer below for more information. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the series. 

Sensory Kids Caregiver Support Group

Please join us for our next meeting!

Meetings are typically held the first Wednesday of the month. 6:00-7:30 p.m. (Subject to change! Please contact us to confirm schedule).  

1425 N Killingsworth St.  Portland, OR 97217

Please RSVP, as our facilitators are volunteering their time.

Mission: Sensory Kids Caregiver Support Group is parent-led and responsive to participants’ needs. Our group is a place for camaraderie, exploration, and sharing. We are open to all adult caregivers of children with diverse sensory challenges and needs. Please RSVP or contact to join our email list:  503-575-9402

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Sensory Seminars PDX

We appreciate your continued support and interest in Sensory Seminars. We are thrilled to have joined forces with Providence Child Center!

For questions, please call 503-215-2429 or e-mail

The Sensory PDX seminar series is free, thanks to the generosity of our donors and Sensory PDX Partners.

Se dispone de servicios de inscripción e interpretación en español llamando a 503-574-6595 


To register by phone, call 503-215- 2429 or 800-833-8899 ext. 52429.

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